Ramblers Official Sponsor

Support the Regis Ramblers

The Regis High School Booster Club is currently soliciting sponsorships for the 2016-17 Regis Ramblers all sports program.

Sponsorship revenue is the Booster Club’s largest fundraiser and helps support everything from our athletic, forensics and academic teams to the new bus and improvements in the locker rooms. Last year alone, the Regis High School Booster Club provided nearly $30,000 to various teams and projects.
We are looking for businesses and families to help make this program a success so the Regis High School Booster Club can continue to provide for our students and our schools!
Please reference the document attached below and choose a level you can support. All donors will have their names and/or logos included in the more than 5,000 programs that will be printed for the 2016-17 school year. Thank you for your consideration!

2016 RHS Booster Club Program Support Letter